VA€FORM SEP 2016 21-0960G-1. ESOPHAGEAL CONDITIONS (Including gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), hiatal hernia and other esophageal disorders) Disability Benefits Questionnaire. 1B. DIAGNOSIS (Check all that apply) 3. DOES THE VETERAN HAVE ANY OF THE FOLLOWING SIGNS OR SYMPTOMS DUE TO ANY ESOPHAGEAL CONDITIONS (including . GERD)? 1A.


I have the 10% GERD rating. Just looking at your exam, I don't see anything different than my situation. There is no documentation of a significant impairment of health. Which is why I didn't get the 30%. But this is an opinion from a fellow GERD sufferer looking at your exam results.

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So, the typical percent evaluation VA rating system and diagnostic code may not apply in your disability compensation case. Did VA change the GERD rating code for 7346? I am at 0 rating. 207X2.

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nervosa eller gastroesofageal refluxsjukdom, och är medicinskt rehabilite- rade.2 head and neck cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal 7,8,9,10. Kuhn, E, Schwarz, EI, Bratton, DJ, Rossi, VA, Kohler, M. Effects of.

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Disability for GERD. GERD itself rarely qualifies for disability benefits, since it can usually be treated with diet and medication. However, an individual could apply 

4.25 - Combined Ratings Table 4.26 - Bilateral Factor 4.27 - Use of Diagnostic Code Numbers 4.28 - Prestabilization Rating from Date of Discharge from Service 4.29 - Ratings for Service-Connected Disabilities Requiring Hospital Treatment or Observation 4.30 - Convalescent Ratings 4.31 - A No-Percent Rating 2017-06-16 · For more information on how GERD VA ratings work, click here Erosive Esophagitis. Erosive esophagitis develops in chronic GERD patients when acid irritation and inflammation cause extensive injuries to the esophagus. Remember that the lining of the esophagus is very thin and fragile, and not built to withstand strong stomach acid. The VA rates Irritable Bowel Syndrome under 38 C.F.R.

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Even though GERD is a common gastrointestinal disability, the VA’s regulations do not include a rating schedule for GERD. Using the VA’s principle of finding an analogous condition to assign a disability percentage, the rating schedule for hiatal hernia uses symptoms of vomiting, regurgitation, and pain to distinguish different levels of severity of the condition.

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How IBS is Rated by  The VA Disability Benefits Rating Table9 CHAPTER Asthma63 Sleep Apnea Secondary to Service-Connected Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) 66 VA Rating for GERD: If you were diagnosed with GERD while on Active Duty, & have a favorable medical opinion, you can directly obtain service connection. However, VA will not concede that a nonservice-connected disease or injury was levels of severity under the Schedule for Rating Disabilities (38 CFR part 4) and determine the extent Acid Reflux/Gerd secondary to Mental Health. 4 Jun 2018 Typically, GERD is rated analogous to a hiatal hernia under 38 C.F.R. 4.114 diagnostic code 7346.

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This matter is before the Board of Veterans' Appeals (Board) on appeal from an April 2011 rating decision of the Salt Lake City, Utah, Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Regional Office (RO), which granted service connection for left knee disability and GERD with 10 percent ratings each, and for hypertension and migraines with noncompensable ratings each. What is the VA disability rating for GERD? Typically, GERD is rated analogous to a hiatal hernia under 38 C.F.R. 4.114 diagnostic code 7346. Ratings under diagnostic code 7346 range from 10 to 60% disabling, and depend on the presence and severity of a variety of symptoms.